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Who got more: Spanish clubs or Italian clubs?

The numbers behind the Super Cups deals in Saudi Arabia.

🇪🇸 Spanish Super Cup Agreement

💰 €30 million annually until 2029.

Clubs in 2023 (€millions guaranteed):

FC Barcelona €2.8 m

Valencia CF €1.7 m


Champions: €2 m

Runners-up: €1 m

➕ €300,000 per club for travel and hotels

This year's winner: FC Barcelona

🚨 Attention: If neither Madrid nor Barcelona reaches the Final Four numbers are lower.

🇮🇹 Italian Super Cup agreement

💰 €23 m per year for four years starting in 2024

✅ Who will play?

The four will be:

- the two Coppa Italia finalists, plus

- the first and second from the last Lega Serie A

- If one of the Coppa Italia finalists finishes second in Lega Serie A, then the third-placed team in Serie A will participate.

✅ In 2024:

- €23m if the format will include semi-final and final

- €12m if the format will include only the final + a friendly match

✅ The total amount 'generated' by the event will be €26m

€23m plus:

- 50% of the revenues from the naming rights of the event

- 50% of the proceeds from the LEDs on the sidelines

- 1/26 of the total amount collected from TV rights sold to Mediaset

👉 The 16 Lega Serie A teams that will not participate in the Final Four will share €2.5m.

This year winner: FC Internazionale Milano

⏰ The Spanish federation seems to have come up with a higher figure. Not surprising since Real Madrid and Barcelona are still a step above the top Italian teams in terms of branding.

🚨 The figures of the agreements change a lot depending on the media. I have spent a lot of time looking for the numbers that seem most true to me. If you have more info please write to me in dm.


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