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The new regulation for football agents in 5 minutes

Are you ready to become the new Jorge Mendes?

✅ When

☑ Valid from 9 January 2023

☑ Fully effective from 1 October 2023

✅ What

☑ Anyone wishing to participate in an international transfer will have to be registered on the new agent platform created by FIFA

☑ There will be an international dispute resolution chamber

☑ Conflicts of interest will be avoided by prohibiting the same person from acting for all parties in a negotiation

☑ Every payment will also have to pass through the Clearing House to ensure financial transparency and to put a cap on commissions

☑ Annual registration will cost $600

✅ The Online Test

☑ 20 multiple-choice questions in one hour

☑ Three languages: English, Spanish, and French

☑ First date 19 April 2023

☑ Second date 20 September 2023

✅ Requirements for not having to take the exam

FIFA agent since before 2015

☑ Registered as an agent from April 2015 to December 2022

✅ Who can't be a FIFA agent

☑ Active players, coaches, and club managers

☑ Those who have been involved in money laundering or corruption

✅ What agents can do

☑ represent players

☑ represent coaches

☑ act as intermediaries for one of the two clubs involved in a deal

❌ It's forbidden for two agents from the same company to work on the same deal.

For those who break the regulations:

👉 license suspension of up to 2 years.

✅ Players < 18 y.o.

☑ Can start working with agents 6 months before signing their first contract (15 or 16 years depending on the country).

✅ Number of applications (as of the end of March)

☑ 7,583 applications

☑ 997 want to have their license recognized because of their qualifications

☑ 6,586 aim to pass the exam

data: La Gazzetta dello Sport


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