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Lebron James will never walk alone

How much money did Lebron make with Liverpool Football Club? ✅ 2011 - A $6.5 million investment LeBron James purchased a 2% ownership stake in Liverpool Football Club. Price: $6.5 million ✅ 2021 - A $82 million stake LeBron converted his ownership stake in Liverpool to a roughly 1% stake in the Fenway Sports Group. Liverpool Football Club valuation: $4.1 billion LeBron stake: $82 million ✅ 2023 Let’s assume Fenway Sports Group is worth around $10 billion. ❗ LeBron’s ownership stake should be valued at least $100 million. LeBron+Liverpool is a very successful example of how smart athletes can use their popularity, network, and long-term vision to win also outside their sports career. ✳ What’s the Fenway Sports Group It's an American multinational sport holding conglomerate owning: Liverpool Football Club Boston Red Sox Pittsburgh Penguins Plus: arenas, sports management companies, and much more. ❓ What does an athlete-investor bring to a club besides money? 1️⃣ Fame In the age of the attention economy having athletes among the club's shareholders can bring opportunities, sponsors, and followers. 2️⃣ Knowhow An athlete can bring a lot of sports business knowledge to the club. 3️⃣ Network Many athletes build a high-level network during their careers that can open many doors for the club and create new revenue streams. 4️⃣ Ambitions Athletes want to win. I love to see the athlete's mindset applied to business because business is a sport. An athlete can transfer his ambitions to the club and bring some healthy pressure that is good for everyone. 👉 An athlete who invests in a football club brings not only money but much more. I would like to see more 'LeBron cases' in the coming months. James is also the only active NBA player to become a billionaire. Because he is not only one of the best athletes in the world but also an incredibly successful investor. ❓ Do you see any important athlete investing in a football team in the future? #football #sportsbusiness #sportsmanagement #linkedinsports #footballbusiness #footballclub #business #lebronjames #liverpoolfc Data: statista; sportskeeda


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