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Lack of effective communication kills football clubs

What if clubs don't just sell a football match but…

🔸 solve an audience's pain:

- relieve the stress of the week.

🔸 help lonely people to connect with each other:

- sharing a passion brings people together.

🔸 help youth stay away from the street:

- whether they play in the academy or go to the stadium, the club engages young people in some way.

🔸 promote your city abroad:

- a club represents its city, region, and history.

🔔 A football club is much more than a football club.

It can improve people's life.

I see a lot of talks about fan engagement which is great because fans love football and are eager to be more involved with it.

But a club should reserve engineer its approach to fans.

Fans are human beings.

And all human beings live with problems and difficulties.

Football plays an important role here because it has the power to alleviate people's problems.

That's why it is the most followed sport in the world.

✅ Football it's not only a sport.

It is:

1. Sharing experiences

2. Cultural exchange

3. Meeting new people

4. Travelling

5. An antidote to loneliness

6. Art

7. Emotions

8. A connecting element between different generations

9. Pride in one's origins

❗ 10. What does football mean to YOU?

✅ Football has an effect on people of all ages.

Football must:

1. Educate children

2. Entertain adults

3. Keep the elderly company

It is very important for a club to do a self-awareness exercise:

☑ What do I want to communicate?

☑ To whom do I want to communicate?

☑ How do I want to communicate it?

👉 Once it has established a clear vision of what it wants to offer its fans...

then the club can join the many talents who are creating great sport tech companies with the aim of using technology to take fan relations to the next level.

What do you think?


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