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How much is the promotion to The Premier League League worth?

❗ The Numbers £££ ❗ Burnley Football Club achieved promotion to The Premier League League after only a year away from England's top football league. 👉 If Burnley Football Club next season (23/24) avoids relegation to the Championship, the potential gains over the next five years are ❗£300m❗ This number is huge compared to what we see in other European leagues. That's why there are 16 English clubs in the top 30 European clubs ranked by revenues. ✅ The analysis of teams promoted in 21/22 AFC Bournemouth, Fulham Football Club, and Nottingham Forest FC got promoted last year to The Premier League. ☑ Increased revenue in 22/23 vs. 21/22 1. Nottingham Forest FC +£90m 2. AFC Bournemouth +£50m 3. Fulham Football Club +£50m Both AFC Bournemouth and Fulham Football Club were receiving the parachute payments while playing in the Championship 21/22. Should they immediately be relegated to the Championship, the Premier's parachute will bring an increase over the next two seasons of at least £80m. It makes a total of £170m for Nottingham and £130m for Bournemouth and Fulham who were already receiving parachute payments. ✅ The Numbers 1. For a Championship club promotion means at least £170m over the next three seasons. 2. If the promoted club avoids relegation in its first season, it gets over £300 across 5 years. ❗ ✅ What do relegated clubs receive? Relegated clubs will receive of the equal share of broadcast revenue paid to Premier League clubs: - 55% in the first year after relegation (£40m) - 45% in year two (£35m) - 20% in year three (£15m) 👉 only if the club was in the Premier League for more than one season before relegation. In addition to these important numbers, let's not forget that when playing in The Premier League, clubs: ☑ Improve their commercial revenues ☑ Are more interesting for sponsors ☑ Boost match day revenues Is The Premier League, the real Super League? #footballbusiness #broadcast #football #premierleague data: Deloitte photo: DailyStar


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