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How much does a single point cost European Top Clubs?

✴ Spoiler

1. The Premier League League clubs spent the most

2. Napoli is out of the top 30 clubs that spent the most

3. In the top 10 there are only four of the so-called English Big Six

✅ The Top 10 (€mln/point)

3. Manchester United €17.2 m

5. West Ham United FC €15.9 m

10. Paris Saint-Germain €11.6 m

✅ First three in LaLiga

11. Real Madrid C.F. €11.3 m

22. FC Barcelona €7.5 m

✅ First three in Lega Serie A

28. ACF Fiorentina €6.2 m

19. FC Bayern München €8.6 m

24. Bayer 04 Leverkusen €7.0 m

27. Borussia Dortmund €6.3 m

👉 Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli is dominating Serie A but it's just 36 in his special ranking with €4.9 m (see my previous post on the great management history of Napoli).

Data comes from Transfermarkt:

1. They took the total purchase costs of all players of the current team;

2. In order not to disadvantage teams with fewer matches, they calculated the data on the average points multiplied by 25 matches.


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