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How much do Italian clubs spend on agents' commissions?

Spoiler: more and more

✅ Commissions per club 2015-2022 (€ million)

AS Roma 150.1

AC Milan 119.2

✅ Total Annual Commissions in Lega Serie A (€ million)

2015 84.4

2016 193.3

2017 138

2018 171.5

2019 187.8

2020 138

2021 173.8 (+26%)

2022 205.7 (+18%)

❗ In eight years, Lega Serie A clubs have spent €1.3 Billion

✳ Final Thoughts

☑ Expenses in commissions in Lega Serie A are rising fast: +26% and +18% in the last two years.

☑ In 8 years Juventus Football Club, FC Internazionale Milano, and AS Roma have spent the equivalent of the price of a medium size Lega Serie A club.

Juventus Football Club has spent 20% of the entire Serie A in the last 8 years.

🚨 Can the increase also be due to the increase in free transfers that lead to higher expenses in commissions to agents?

👉 For example, signing De Vrij, Onana, Çalhanoğlu, and Diego Godin as free agents, led FC Internazionale Milano to pay higher commissions to their football agents.

I cannot predict what influence the new FIFA rules (see my post from yesterday) will have on agents.

What is certain is that the profession of the agent is a complicated one, with fierce competition and where a lot has to be sown before reaping.

data: La Gazzetta dello Sport


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