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Football Clubs vs. Crocs

What can a football club learn from the success of Crocs shoes 👇

1️⃣ Innovative Product Design


With unique designs and materials, Crocs set the brand apart from traditional footwear companies.

☑ Football Club

Are we sure the product of the club is just a football match?

The club should aim to offer something that goes beyond the match, but that engages the fans every day.

We live in the era of the "attention economy".

This means a constant battle for the club against other forms of entertainment.

Can players become the heroes and villains just like the ones in Marvel Entertainment?

Why not produce more original content about them?

2️⃣ Strong Brand Identity


Built a distinct brand identity.

The focus on comfort and fun appealed to outdoor enthusiasts, healthcare workers, and children.

☑ Club

What is the focus of the club?

To win trophies or to avoid relegation?

Produce talent to sell or offer a show that goes beyond football?

3️⃣ Strategic Partnership


Forged partnerships with The Walt Disney Company, Hello Kitty, and others.

It helped reach a new audience.

☑ Club

A partnership with a brand from another sector can help acquire new fans.

Which company has values with which the club wants to associate?

And what group of potential new fans do you want to reach?

4️⃣ E-commerce and Digital Marketing


Invested a lot in e-commerce to increase its online presence.

☑ Club

The club should produce online content daily and on every platform.

The goal shouldn’t be only to show the last goal or a running player but to engage with fans, attract them, and make them think constantly about the club.

The competition for attention is huge!

Apple doesn’t show its products on Instagram.

It shows emotions!

5️⃣ International Expansion

Crocs: did a great job expanding in new markets like China and India. It was key to reaching a wider audience.

☑ Club

Internationalization isn’t only about summer tournaments, or a website in a foreign language.

It’s about a 10-year-long strategy where the club uses this strategy:

give, give, give, and only after ask.

I strongly believe that clubs of any size can gain an audience abroad.

A club should not aim to compete with Manchester United in #india.

It's better to target a niche and turn a certain type of audience into diehard fans.

✅ A football club should think about the following, every single day:

1️⃣ how can I make my product more than a football match?

2️⃣ how can I set my brand apart from other football clubs?

3️⃣ which company can I partner with to reach a new audience?

4️⃣ how can I replicate the strategy Apple uses on its social channels?

5️⃣ how can I expand the brand abroad despite not being Liverpool Football Club?

👉 Money is always key in football, but the right mindset can do wonders 🚨

❓ Which club will make the most progress as a company in 2023?


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