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Can Newcastle United Football Club win the Premier League in the next 5 years?

Revenues, costs, and curiosities of The Magpies.

✅ Revenues

£180M (vs £140.2M 20/21)

👉 thanks to fans back in the stadium after Covid

1. Matchday Revenues £27.5M vs. £0.17M in 20/21

2. TV rights revenue £124M vs. £119M in 20/21

3. Commercial revenues £26.5M vs. £17.5M in 20/21

4. Other revenue £1.8M vs. £3.1M in 20/21

☑ TOTAL £180M vs. £140M in 20/21

⭕ Costs

Operating costs: £206M vs. £123M in 20/21.

Staff costs:

1. Salaries £149M vs. £94M in 20/21

2. Social security costs £20.7M vs. £12.5M in 20/21

3. Other costs £0.19M vs. £0.29M in 20/21

☑ TOTAL £170M vs. £106M in 20/21

🔥 Wages/revenue ratio: 94.6% vs. 76.2% in 20/21

✅ Net Profit 2022

- Operating loss before depreciation and amortization: -£26M

- Depreciation and amortization: -£51M

- Income from player rights management: £5M

👉 Net profit: -£70M vs. -£12M 20/21

⏰ Losses are mainly due to player trading:

21/22: €-130.5M


20/21: €-38.73M

✅ From the Big 6 to the Big 7

Newcastle United Football Club has everything to become a superpower in world football:

1. plays in The Premier League

2. owned by a powerful group

3. has a large stadium

4. has dedicated fans

As shown by the numbers we have seen, the club is in growth and expansion mode.

Time will tell if today's choices will pay off in the next two years.

UEFA Champions League qualification would already be a good start.

What is certain is that The Premier League will benefit a lot from the growth of clubs like Newcastle United Football Club.


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