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After 19 years Arsenal F.C is back on top. Is it a matter of money or people?

✅ Transfer balance and most expensive player

19/20 (8th) €-107m (Pépé €80m)

20/21 (8th) €-67m (Partey €50m)

21/22 (5th) €-136m (Ben White €58m)

22/23 ? €-168m (Gabriel Jesus €52m)

Arteta arrived on December 2019.

❗ €478m spent in the last four years and no UEFA Champions League

But this year things are changing:

Arsenal F.C is 1st and has +20pts on Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, 4th.

✅ Revenues

18/19 €446m

19/20 €388m

20/21 €366m

21/22 €433m (10th in the world)

22/23 ?

✅ Wages/revenues ratio 2022

❗ Lower than most top clubs.

✅ Trust, patience, right people

Arsenal continued to spend despite not playing in the UEFA Champions League.

Executives gave the coach and his staff time to transfer their identity to the team.

Patience, which is often lacking in football, can translate into millions and trophies.

The story of Sir Alex Ferguson is a good example.

✅ Football is about people

Money spent on the market does not guarantee trophies, but spending consistently increases the likelihood of growth.

However, football is a people business.

The most important assets of the club are the players.

The club's customers are people.

It is the employees of the club who make the difference, on and off the pitch.

✅ Arteta and his staff

Arteta is not just a good manager but also an intelligent person.

Who first surrounds himself with talents like him.

I think of Carlos Cuesta and Miguel Molina, who are 27 and 30 years old.

It takes courage but also skill to recognize talent.

Mikel Arteta:

- is a modern and smart leader

- built a staff of smart people

- is humble and a lifelong learner

- loves to steal secrets from other sports and other leaders

✅ Is it money that makes you win?

As in life, money helps but does not make one happy.

I think the credit goes to Arteta and his staff who, with elegance and style, is maximizing the potential of very good players.

But not only that.

Never before has winning required harmony between the club's executives and the coach and his staff.

Every employee of the club is important.

You never know how the most difficult league in the world, The Premier League League, will turn out.

It is certain, however, that a top club like Arsenal F.C back on top is good for the whole football world.

The Gunners are back!

And the general is a Spanish gentleman.

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