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3 Internationalization strategies for an ambitious football club

n 2021 CVC Capital Partners pledged $2.2 billion to improve the first and second divisions of LaLiga.

One of CVC goals?

The internationalization of the clubs.

It is very important for a club to leave its harbor and set sail for new lands.

Just like Christopher Columbus did in 1492.

✅ Why?

- New opportunities for earnings

- Expanding your brand in regions with many fans

- Seeking talent through partnerships

These are some of the benefits of opening up abroad.

✅ Three great strategies for any club

Here are three internationalization strategies that show that it is not the size of the club that matters but its ambition to grow.

1️⃣ Club with Club

☑ Joint venture name: Red&Gold Football

☑ Goal: develop the youth sectors of both clubs and create a direct link between #germany and #california.

🔊 What Oliver Kahn says:

“I expect an increase in quality and young talent in Major League Soccer, which will have a positive impact on our partnership."

🚨 Important note:

there are 17 🇺🇸 US football players U23 currently playing in Europe’s Top 7 League.

Vs. 2 from 🇨🇦 Canada and only 1 from 🇲🇽 Mexico.

That makes me bullish on United Soccer League (USL)

👉 A smart European club realizes the current potential for partnership with US teams.

2️⃣ Club with Business Group

☑ Football club involved: Sport Lisboa e Benfica

☑ Company involved: Heights & Jewels (HJ KSA) 🇸🇦

☑ Goal: to explore new sporting and commercial opportunities in #saudiarabia and to implement the Portuguese club's training methodology in the territory.

☑ Joint venture name: “Making Saudi Heroes”

🏆 Sport Lisboa e Benfica has one of the best academies in the world - it won three times the Globe Soccer Awards for the best academy.

☑ The HJKSA Group is a diversified group of companies based in Saudi Arabia.

3️⃣ Small Club with Coaching Network

☑ Football club involved: Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC SPA 🇮🇹

☑ Company involved: Sporthood 🇮🇳

Sporthood: the largest grassroots coaching network in South India with over 125 centers in Karnataka, Kerala, and Telangana.

☑ Goal: create a global network of aspiring athletes and coaches, thus developing the next generation of talent.

☑ How:

1. Each year, a select group of athletes from all over #india will have the opportunity to intern at Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC SPA to train and develop their skills.

2. Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC SPA representatives will travel to #india to develop coach camps and training sessions for up-and-coming athletes.

👉 This partnership is proof that you don't have to be Real Madrid C.F. or Manchester United to go international, but with willpower and creativity, all clubs can establish a presence abroad ❗ ❗ ❗

🚨 If you are a club and are interested in an international partnership, dm me.


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