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My vision of running a football club is based on two pillars:


1. Considering the players more than athletes but as the main representatives of the club's values. Therefore, the football club must support the all-around growth of the players. No more athletes left alone with their problems.


2. An obsession with the relationship with the fans who are the true purpose of the club's existence. Fans must be pampered and constantly surprised by making them participate in club life. No more invisible barriers between clubs and fans.


I call it football humanism. 


Where the human, the athlete, and the fan, are at the center of the club's strategy.


The massive use of technology is necessary for the achievement of this strategy just as science changed the world in the Renaissance.


The Humanism of Football


- aims at sustainable club management

- denies winning at any cost 

- pushes for massive use of technology

- affirms the importance of modern facilities

- aims for an involvement of the club with the city's start-up ecosystem

- provides players with the best tools for their development (as Renaissance princes did with artists)

- considers fans as the raison d'être of the club and not only as clients


Football belongs to the fans, to the people, to the new generation and I think it is a very powerful tool to communicate positive values to society.


Clubs have a great responsibility as crucial pawns in the football chessboard.


Sustainable management, where the player feels empowered and the fan is the protagonist, is the football management model I will test, improve and teach over the next 20 years.


As a senior private banker with over 15 years of experience, I am well-versed in fund allocation, negotiation, trading, and asset portfolio management.

I firmly believe that these skills are essential for the management of a club whose primary goal is financial sustainability.


Throughout my career, I have handled some of the most intimate and sensitive matters for numerous football players of all backgrounds, with whom I established a deep, transparent, and trusting relationship. I am of the fierce belief that the personal development of players is key to increasing the value of a club’s players and the resulting player-trading opportunities.


Thanks to my financial background, my relationship skills, and my specialization in player personal development, I will help the management of a football group run a profitable business, build sophisticated player trading strategies amongst its portfolio of clubs, decide how to effectively allocate funds to one or more clubs, and negotiate deals with other clubs and player agents while creating global synergies.

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